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Starting, growing, and protecting your company.

We know you started your company with a passion in mind. So did we. Which is why we do everything we can to help you focus on your passion. We want to help you make the right financial and legal decisions on cash flow, insurance, employee benefits, and what to do with your company after you retire. We want to help you protect everything you have built for your company.

A different kind of expertise.

We approach your company’s needs the same way we do your personal needs: we start with you. Together we discuss what is important to you and your company: your passions, where you want to take your company, and even the things that keep you up at night.

From there, we create a plan that helps meet your company’s goals. We figure out how we can help create new opportunities with your cash flow, protect your company from risks, create employee benefit programs that allow you to attract top talent, and help you set up investments that work hard to earn you more money — all so that you can grow and protect the value of your company.

Designed to meet your goals.

Every company is different. We’ll take the time to recognize these differences and then help you to understand the options that will keep you competitive and protected.

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    Employee Benefits

    We can help you understand the benefit landscape and design a package to help you recruit and retain employees.

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    Non-Qualified Benefits

    These plans can help supplement the retirement benefits for you and your key employees.

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    Risk Management

    Insurance to keep your company protected from critical risks such as disability, business interruption, or the loss of a key employee.

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    Succession Planning

    Create a plan to smoothly transition your company when it is time to retire.

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    Personal Planning

    Plan out how you can meet your personal financial goals while still addressing the financial goals of your company.

Your company.
Our focus.

Let us get to know you — your concerns and your dreams —
and we’ll design a financial plan that helps grow and protect your company.

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