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Growing the ways we guide you.

This spring we introduced our new brand and with it new tools and resources. We shared our commitment to guiding and empowering you to make the right decisions when it comes to your finances. And we promised that we would constantly look for ways to provide even better guidance. Which is why we’re excited to share that we’re expanding our capabilities to include accounting and tax services.

The impact of taxes on your finances.

Here at Wealth Partners, we understand the impact taxes can have on your finances. That’s why it’s always played a major role in our conversations and our approach to planning with you — from taking the time to discuss tax basics to consulting with experienced CPAs and accountants to help carefully craft tax strategies that best align with your financial goals. We value their knowledge of the evolving tax code because it helps us provide you with the best options and advice.

This is exactly why we’ve partnered with The VanderBloemen Group / The Hietpas Group, a certified public accounting firm, to allow us to continue providing you with the best options and advice we can in an even more efficient and seamless way. Since, 1971, The VanderBloemen Group / The Hietpas Group have provided the in-depth expertise of a large accounting firm to their clients, with the personal attention and service of a small firm.

A more efficient way.

Think of us as a team, who together, will continue to offer you strategic recommendations on how to minimize the taxes you pay, maximize your potential annual tax refund, and help you build your investment portfolio around these tax advantages.

The fact is, you’ll have greater access to experts, as CPAs and accountants from The VanderBloemen Group / The Hietpas Group work alongside your current financial guide, providing insights into the complex and ever-changing tax world. They’ll be here to help answer your questions and advise you on the best approach for your situation given the current rules and regulations. In addition, the same CPA who consults on your tax strategies will be available to help prepare, review, and file your tax returns — if you choose. It’s just one more way we’re building a support system of services around you.

We look forward to sharing more about The VanderBloemen Group / The Hietpas Group in one of our upcoming visits. Have an immediate question? Simply email us or give us a call at 262-240-1111 and we’ll be happy to share more.

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